The mission of MCS is to provide K-12 schooling for students in an environment that cherishes Biblical truth and upholds, models and teaches a Godly lifestyle. 


Morweena Christian School was started in 1966 as a ministry of the Morweena Evangelical Mennonite Church. We’ve been a non-funded school from then till about the mid 2000’s, when we received our funded status. We’ve grown over the years are quite a full building with about 190 students and 30 plus staff.

MCS is a long standing member of ACSI. Our teachers participate in their professional development, our students attend their student leadership conference, and our administration is part of regular ACSI administration support days in Winnipeg.


Currently, we offer Kindergarten to Grade 12. We teach the courses required for a Manitoba high school graduation, other course options as we can support them and Bible courses. We’ve recently expanded our extra-curricular sports programs: volley ball and soccer. Along with outdoor beach volleyball courts and an asphalt area that can be used for tennis, basketball or other sports, we also have an NHL sized outdoor rink. The rink is open for community use in the evenings.
MCS teaches the Manitoba curriculum, and the Manitoba Department of Education and Training certifies our teachers. Our staff is comprised of professionally qualified teachers and a support team who are committed to putting Christ first and growing God’s kingdom.

Below is a sample of what a high school year could look like. Courses offered and timing of them are very dependant on staffing load and spaces to hold the classes. We’re growing, but we are a small school of limited means.


MCS is a non-profit charitable organization. Our elected, volunteer School board meets monthly and prepares annual plans, budgets, and policies that govern MCS. There are two annual general meetings for society members and parents.


We’re located ‘down-town’ Morweena, Manitoba.